The Big 10 rethinking its decision to shut down bc of Covid

Well a few weeks ago the Big 10 all but unanimously decided to not have a season this year due to Covid-19, the health problems and what I presumed was the high cost of getting the games going in a controlled environment (actually I said it was because the other sports at a college would likely be forced through some sort of lawsuit to get the same treatment even though football and basketball are the only profitable sports at most colleges.)

However, here we are just a few weeks later, football season has already began, and the Big 10 wants to come back to the table? What's changed?


I dont know if they were assuming that after the Big 10 called it off that the rest of the conferences were going to follow suit, which did not happen (thankfully) but the Big 10 decided rather abruptly and quickly that the season was off and none of the teams would participate at all.

This is a really big deal for football fans because some of the best teams in the nation are in the Big 10 such as Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and more (I was going to say Nebraska because they are my favorite team, but they are not good anymore.)

This past weekend was the first weekend of college football and even though the games were played in front of nearly empty stadiums, the players, coaches, and fans of the Big 10 were watching a season start without them in it and there are probably some hurt feelings going on there.

We should probably know in the next 48 hours or so if anything is going to be done to try to salvage the season for the Big 10.

A core group of Presidents and university Chancellors met yesterday with medical professionals and other such industry big wigs and after a vote was made (they haven't told us what he result was, but I think you can guess) it will be presented to the full board of decision makers at the Big Ten leadership. My apologies for not knowing the official terms but here is the skeptic and cynic coming out in me: They are going to open the season up because everyone else did, and they are missing out on a tremendous amount of money because of deciding prematurely to opt out of the season. I would be the proverbial farm that they scramble to be open for business by what is looking like the 2nd or 3rd week of October.


On a side note, I've always found it amusing that the Big 10 has 14 schools in it but before we laugh too much at their silly name, just know that it did have 10 teams in it at one point. Can't be changin' the name every time another big school wants in. When it was first formed over 100 years ago there were only 9 schools in it and sports were not really much of a consideration for the formation, academics was.


No decision yet? I knew they were supposed to meet yesterday (sunday) but it was just with the medical professionals like you mentioned in the article. I misread it on ESPN. This whole situation is out of control! Just glad the ACC is still playing that is all that matters to me.

I too was happy about the ACC. I've seen no update. The latest article I just read this morning talks about them "stalling" in talks. Time is kind of the essence here fellas!

Well 2 of my favorite teams are in the Big 10 so I really hope the answer comes back positive. I think it will be very difficult for them to pull off a timeline though, since the other conferences are already full steam ahead.