Tyson vs Jones Jr was lame

I did NOT pay $50 for this and if I had I think I would have been a bit upset even though the money was meant to be going to charity if I had paid for it (I'd love to see the actual financials on that.)

The promos leading into it showed that both men were actually in "beast mode" despite being in their 50's or as one particular Twitter person states "both men are close to being eligible to collect social security."

I wasn't expecting a "Tyson in his prime" performance and I knew that since it was an exhibition that the two of them weren't actually supposed to be trying to kill one another, but what we actually ended up with was kind of boring.


There were a few good punches thrown and at one point in the fight Tyson appeared to be getting upset at Jones for not trying harder. I know it is an exhibition for charity, but the guys are at least supposed to put on a show.


The thing I found most frustrating about the entire spectacle is that it looked like Jones spent almost the entire fight running away from Tyson, and when Tyson got him backed into a corner Jones would take him to the clinch and there they would remain for entirely too long. Since the rounds were only 2 minutes long I would guess that we spent at least a minute or maybe even a minute and a half per round beyond the 2nd in a 2 man hugging contest that resulted in very few punches being thrown at all.


The above is what a vast majority of the fight looked like and the ref allowed them to stay that way for far longer than he would if this were an actual sanctioned event. By the 3rd round, Jones looked and sounded exhausted in his corner with very heavy and labored breathing. Tyson still looked fresh after the final bell.

I think that everyone who was watching the fight would agree that Tyson was the victor, and virtually every professional who was watching the match ruled it in favor of Tyson, most giving him all but one or two of the rounds. However, in the end it was dictated as a "draw" and that was just irritating to me and I am sure a vast amount of people who were watching it around the world.

Most online and in person gambling operations were not even taking bets on the fight because they must have known that this would be the outcome. I guess I can see where they are coming from because neither man is interested in destroying the legacy of either of these legends, but I really think they could have put on a better show than they did.


In the post fight interview, which happened just a few minutes after the actual fight, was kind of irritating to watch actually, as both men wasted no time suggesting "we should do this again sometime!" and in my mind I was thinking well of course YOU should, you guys get to make a boatload of money out of this but for the people out there that paid $50 to see this might not be as likely to shell out the cash in the future because for me and most everyone that I have spoken to, this fight was a massive letdown.

Personally, the only way I would probably even bother watching this "legends" fight thing again would be if both men got boxing licenses and it was a sanctioned event. Therefore both of them would actually be going for it and we could see a real fight. I've seen sparring that was more brutal than 90% of what happened in the ring here and just like Snoop Dogg said during his weed-induced commentary. "This shit is like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue."


I never watched it and from what you are saying I am happy to have missed it. What happened in the celebrity fight?

Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson cold. The fight looked sloppy though as neither one of the 2 fellas looked like they were very skilled in boxing at all. I don't see a lucrative future in Jake Paul's boxing career unless he continues to fight people that aren't actual fighters.

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