Will Kaepernick get picked up by an NFL team?

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Let me go ahead and say right out of the gate that this is not a BLM or anti-BLM post but rather a post about how I don't think someone's notoriety off the field, good or bad, should have any impact on their worth for a team, which is a strange way to characterize what is potentially going on here but we need to face facts. Kaepernick is well beyond his prime and this was evidenced in his pretty abysmal final season with the 49ers. The fact that he started taking a knee and turning his failure as a football player into profits as a civil rights celebrity is admirable and smart, but does that mean that some team should give him millions of dollars to not even play?


There are some very good reasons why teams should NOT want to pick him up and very few reasons why they would want to. For one thing, whether you believe in BLM or not, you are probably very aware of the fact that this "taking a knee" at sporting events is a very hot topic of some controversy and it is very dangerous territory for the league or any team to take any sort of hard-lined or definitive approach towards it.

Nike took a stand with Colin by giving him a massive sponsorship deal and then suffered massive financial losses in the following years.


Personally, i hated this advertising campaign because it tries to make the very untrue connection that Kaepernick was released from the Niners because of his taking a knee during the national anthem. This might have been part of it but the main reason was that he was not delivering his worth to the team. He had some great years with San Francisco, but those years were behind him. People leave their prime in sports all the time. It has happened to literally everyone.

Most publications out there wont touch this topic because it is too hot and creates too much arguments in the comments (most that i have seen either don't have a comments section or they have disabled them) but the ones I have seen always take a very strange political approach about how the NFL must sign Kaepernick or they are hypocrites.

This is nonsense: The NFL is, first and foremost, a business - whether or not you want to believe that is up to you. You might think that it is all about the love of the game but this league, like all professional sports leagues in existence are first and foremost about making money, vast quantities of it. So when you have a guy that is demanding multiple million dollar contracts but can't manage to deliver anywhere near that much of value in return, it is foolish to hire him.

Plus the potential backlash by 50% of your fan-base could be devastating well beyond the salary of Colin. It could be catastrophic.


When owners are asked about Colin, they will normally give a non answer because they are very aware of this. How they personally feel about Kaep's cause doesn't matter because at the end of the day these people are business owners and honestly, if you owned a small business and you knew that just ONE decision could potentially eliminate 50% of your existing customers... would you do it? I think that is an easy question to answer.

My prediction is that Colin Kaepernick is going to get picked up by no one and will simply be relegated to activism which isn't so bad because he is making more from that then he ever did from football. Nike would never have dreamed of sponsoring him prior to this, and i would imagine the massive $790 million losses they have suffered in the past year. Liars in the media try to attribute this entirely to Covid, which is definitely part of it since less sports gear has been purchased worldwide when people are not allowed to go outdoors, but to try to suggest that there was not backlash by Nike becoming involved in political issues is just dishonest.

Kaepernick is financial poison to a sports industry and the NFL owner know this. I don't think anyone will pick him up.

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I don't know this story but if you aren't good enough then you should not be selected or picked. It is amazing that players were once sought after just don't get it that age catches up with you and you are no longer good enough. I respect players that go out at the top as that is classy. Many don't though and linger around like a stale fart. Adding the political stance then this guy adds a certain amount of danger as he could also upset the dressing room and harmony of the team.

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no but apparently he is getting a lucrative Disney deal for a show of some sort. Is he the highest paid professional victim yet?