Happy birthday to me it's 3 years already on the hive Blockchain


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Bonus tip for the evening, just a little accumulation


It's been a while I took out time to analyse some games and even visit sports talk but a comment I got 5 days ago from @hivebuzz reminding me that it's been 3 years since I joined the blockchain it has been an awesome journey so far as we all have rode through the thick and tides of the sands of time, I can't believe it's 3 years already. I was thinking by now I would have about 5k hive power it's just 100+lol, courtesy of the crap and lemme post I have been dropping and lack of socialisation with other community member.

Moving forward, what I couldn't get on hive I got some on sport'stalk I was able to stake 1.5 millions sports through this period and am just waiting for when the bulls of cryptos would remember hive because I know the pump will Rob off sports. As the difficulty in mining sports tokens is increasing I hope too be powering up additional 500k sports before February ending, let's see how things play out.



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Happy birthday to you @sportsconnect

Keep adding value to the community.

You can get more than 500k stake before that time.


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Thank boss will try my best

We coming behind you sir.

I'm just a noob

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