Request for Comments: Moving SPORTS to a linear curation curve


There have been multiple requests to move SPORTS to a linear curation curve and we want the community to know we hear you. That's why we'd like to spend the next couple days getting additional feedback from the community about this change with the hopes of making a decision on a change in the near future.

This is something that another tribe has already had success with changing. LEO made the change about a month ago and I've heard nothing but positive reports from their tribe about the change. If you want a good understanding for their initial reasoning I highly recommend reasoning the link to their announcement of the change.

Please let us know in the comments what you think of making this kind of change and any pros or cons you see for it. While it's worked well for other tribes doesn't mean it is guaranteed to be a better solution for us. That being said unless Hive Engine adds support for reverse auction curation then it appears that linear curation rewards may provide the most positive option for tribes.


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I'm in full support! It will increase the presence and activity of people in the community especially curators who just set auto-voting and they are gone.

In my humble opinion, I am a user of the LEO community and Flat Curation brought several benefits mainly to manual curators. He does not give any advantage over the autovotes but we can say that he balances and equals the rewards more fairly.

This has a positive impact on smaller accounts as it influences more SPORTS to be purchased on the market to increase your vote and thus receive more rewards in the curation, as every positive vote will generate a 50% return regardless of the time that was voted.

I'm sure the #Sportstalk community will benefit in a number of ways when it changes the way the curation reward is done. Looking forward to seeing this change happen.

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Let's go linear and lets bring some more engagement to SPORTS

Amen to that.

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I am absolutely in favor of a curved line of voting.

in this way all curators have the same chance to get rewards regardless of the timing, favoring reading and interaction

Totally behind this idea as it will only be positive news for everyone on sports.

I am fully in support of this, but one things I want us to note is the thought that it's going to stop autovote. Nah. It's not.

We need more than linear curation curve to bring engagement to this platform.

I can't wait to experience this new stuff since I saw it on Leo last month.

PS: Leo has already have the engagement thing going on in their platfrom for long. The linear curation curve was just a boost.

I'm totally supporting the idea. It's already proven it's working well in two tribes. I hope others will follow as the actual model is good for some and very bad for others. Thank you very much Patrick!

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I only know of one tribe - LeoFinance, which is the second tribe that is adopting the 50/50 flat curation curve?

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It's Stem.

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Have STEMgeeks went live yet? I was going to include them in the post but wasn't sure if they made the jump yet. I've not heard anyone in their community speak negatively either.

Yes, STEMgeeks is live and working perfectly. These two communities have shown this linear curation curve is working well. I hope others will follow shortly.

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In my opinion adding the linear curation curve was a great move as it helped to increase interaction and involvement on Leo by a lot - all for that system!

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I think it is a good idea as it seems to working where it has been tried.

To read a post and upvote that in a specific timeframe is really difficult. People want to maximize their curation rewards and at the time, support good content. When we have a linear curation curve, there is no rush to upvote, so good content will get more support. I think it will have a positive impact.

Thank you @sportstalksocial for bringing this up to talk about. Looking forward to seeing what other people say about this. :)

Very true, I personally started auto-voting with SPORTS when I discovered that my over 20 million tokens ins stake was yielding less than 2k SPORTS as curation rewards even with 1000% curation. With the shift, there would be a better reward for engagement without fear of losing curation rewards.

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The flat curation curve, as modelled by the LeoFinance community has proven to up the engagement game in the community. Over the last 90 days, Alexa ranking for has moved from #737,059 to #83,708. There has been an improved amount of time on site. Looking at the dwindling engagement in the interface, introducing the linear curation curve has the potency of changing things. However, the 55/45 (author/curator) rewards ratio should still be maintained.

I personally support this move.

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I might be mistaken but I believe rewards are 50/50 author/curator. You bring up excellent points of things to report back on after the change though for potential improvement.

The rewards for SPORTS are presently 55/45 author/curator. I had long established that. That ratio still looks fine though! More rewards to the authors. We need more of them to use the website.

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Yes i full support it becasue already two tribe are working very well in linar .good superb😍

I alluded to my opinions in the post but I'm also in agreement that moving to linear curation rewards is the right decision for now. That being said I still have concerns for future behaviors this may encourage.

My biggest fear is that the larger stakeholders may use their larger influence to block out smaller users from having a voice. Combined with 2.5 free downvotes, one of our top SPORTS whales could eliminate a lot of rewards pool competition by downvoting smaller accounts that get less rewards.

This could be counteracted by adopting a Blurt style system of no downvotes and allow the crowd to determine the top post while allowing stake to vote wherever it feels is best. This also has a load of negatives associated with it so for now I'm open to exploring linear as is to see if we run into any trouble and then address from there.

I think the best option to prevent a whale in SPORTS from a negative vote without reason is to make an agreement between the whales, that if someone will give a negative vote, leave a comment in the publication stating the reasons why they gave a negative vote. And if we see that the negative vote he gave is not valid then the other sports whales have to give negative votes to the whale that gave the negative vote for no apparent reason.

I totally agree with the linear cure curve, hopefully it will be implemented soon.

I am a benefactor of LEO and I can say these changes will work for us as well although, it may not be rapidly, but It isn't a bad idea after all. I am in total support of the idea. As it will help to improve the interaction in this community.

Let's Do It!