SPORTS Curation Report - [2020-10-21]

Here's the top new posts from Sports Talk Social today!

@razackpulo.sportHarga SPORTS Mulai Terbang Lebih Tinggi155418.764
@rezoanulvibesWhy Does It Seem Elbow Strike Is Not Effective In A Fight For Self Defense?119216.21
@erikahfitOctober 20, 2020117403.157
@airforce나의 액티핏 리포트 카드 10월 21 202074597.896
@razackpulo.sportHarga SPORTS Semakin Menjanjikan134507.481

These were the top posts from the selected #sportstalk tags that were curated based on their total SPORTS rewards.


@muammar-sportsHappy supporters, Barcelona have officially extended the contracts of Clement Lenglet, Frenkie De Jong, Gerard Pique, and Marc-Andre ter Stegen.11119.249
@muammar-sportsPablo Zabaleta's career journey.14684.12
@opeyemiogunsYesterday's Prediction7547.516
@arsenal4lifeManchester City vs Arsenal Review: We made them work for it32685.771
@broncnutzYou Got A Hunting Dog? Sunday QB Hunt Headquarters7679.726

This report is automatically generated from SPORTS data at the time of posting. Any SPORTS earned from these daily curation posts will be burned on future curation reports.


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