A big win for City

Manchester City have faced criticism of not scoring as they use to in previous seasons, with a lot of fans questioning the ability of Pep Guardiola to grind out results like he used to and the fear factor of "how many" goals will be scored by City.

Crystal on the other hand have shown resilience against opponents and that was displayed in their last outing against Arsenal in the London derby.

The matchup started as usual between both teams with City trying to do what they know how to do best and that is cracking up the defence line of opponents while Crystal Palace sat behind to absorb pressure and try to break on counterattacks. The pressure mounted by City became something the Crystal Palace couldn't cope with on the 26th minute when De Bruyne slot in a perfect cross for Stones to convert into a goal.

City took the lead into halftime and immediately the second half kicked off, the matchup became a cruise for Manchester City.

A solo goal by Gundogan on the 56th minute extended City's lead and another goal by Stones on the 68th minute and the last one by Sterling on the 88th minutes was enough to send Crystal Palace over the cliff.

Manchester City 4 Crystal Palace 0.

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