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Why I Like Volleyball So Much...


Volleyball is an amazing sport and it is one of the top sports that is played all over the world. As we all know, sports is diverse and vast and there are different types of sports that is currently recognized. It is all about individual preferences which means that people tend to prefer a specific type of sport(s) more than the others. Volleyball for me is one of the most entertaining sports out there and while there are quite a few sports that I like a lot, volleyball is part of my top choices as I find it very entertaining to watch and to play as well.

Volleyball is a team sport just like most team sports out there like football or soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby, etc. The awesome thing about volleyball is that it doesn’t necessarily require a large an expensive set up to play, just a big enough open field with a net going across the center, similar to how lawn tennis courts look like but on any surface, even on a beach sand surface which for me is one of the best places to set up volleyball court.


Like I mentioned above, one of the main reasons why I like volleyball so much is it adaptability, it can be setuo in most places even on a beach sand. This sports is so much fun to play and entertaining to watch. In the game, two teams are formed and they take each sides of the court, each team is made up 6 players (can be less, if it’s just a fun game with friends), but standard is 6 players in each team who are separated by a net. The goal of each team is to try to score points by ensuring that the ball touches the ground inside the half of the other team's court under structured rules.

Another reason why I really like volleyball is that it doesn’t take a lot to learn compared to other sports like basketball and football where a lot of talent and training is required to play at a standard level. However, this doesn’t mean that volleyball doesn’t require skill, in fact, some level of practices, trainings, and skill is required to play volleyball.

Lastly, it is a sport that is pure enjoyment. If you’ve ever been to any volleyball court, you will notice how fun the sport is and at the same time, like every other sport, volleyball is a very good sport to burn calories and a good sport that helps improve muscle strength.

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