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RE: Walking vs Running: Which is better for weight loss?

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I hope that guy can achieve some weight loss as that is what actually matters rather than how long he can run for. Obviously the running will get easier when he does lose some. I was never really overweight, but I was getting a gut and that is part of what got me to start running. Now I'm down to something reasonable and just try to stay there. Eating a lot over Xmas, but then I am running each day for now. It's taken me a long time to get to where I can do that.

Here's to great things in 2021.


well he experienced success by doing 1 pushup on week one followed by 2 etc, he is on week 10 now and he says it is tough but he is doing it. Something is better than nothing, that is for sure. It does seem to me that he is really going to struggle with the running say 10 weeks in though. I feel as though he would be better off by walking a certain distance and maybe just jogging 1 minute of it on week one and then perhaps upping it by a minute in week 2 and so on. I think that it will probably fail in its current form but I am proud of the dude for trying nonetheless.

I feel you as far as the running during the holidays. While my distances have been dramatically reduced I'm not letting my ideals towards fitness get in the way of having fun and spending time with family. I don't wanna be that guy that tells Aunt Janet that I can't have her homemade pumpkin pie (which is awesome) because I'm dieting. :)