Damian Lillard recording music inside NBA bubble

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Source : wikimedia

To control everything, Lillard's room has a microphone, headphones, recording software, a laptop and an audio interface. He said the thick carpet in his room should help with the sound quality.

All-Star Point Guard turned part of his suit into a mini-recording studio at the Disney World of Sports Complex, where his team will expand to a play-off berth. The league built a social bubble to revive the NBA season and save 22 teams from COVID-19, which has a number of activities at the resort, such as walking trails, bowling alley and lakes or fish or boats.

Lillard Dam has earned a reputation in the hip-hop world as a socially conscious lyricist like D.O.L.L.A, who stands at a different level that the Lord has allowed. He has recorded songs with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Lill Way, Chance Chance and Jamie Foxx. He co-starred with Wayne during the NBA All-Star Weekend earlier this year.

Once you start the NBA season, Lillard asks, He said his jersey would have a sound COO, adding that he did not consider himself an activist, but wanted to express his views on the positive and negative aspects that are affecting his community.

They do all this work and I’m investing in making my people deeper and stronger said Lillard a businessman, cook, handloom and even a farmer. It’s not the enthusiasm of the people hanging out with me, because I’m an NBA player it’s my strong circle.

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