Hodson back on the pitch running again.

The professional leagues remain shut until 30th April, 2020 and many fans are already missing the league season with the coronavirus a major scare not only in football world but a threat to everything around the world. The economy of the world has been crippled and currently most of the part of the world are on lock down. Nigeria is currently on partial lock down as transport system still move from one city to another.


Hodson Odoi is back on the pitch running again and he has completely recovered from the symptoms of coronavirus and siad to have cleared to move around as he has tested negative after completing the treatment and self quarantined for 14days.

The world need to quickly recover from this global pandemic and come back to the point where we are. I am missing everything all around me. The value of freedom and friendship will now be well appreciated.

Staying home is the only solution to spreading the virus as the virus doesn't move but people move. Stay home, stay safe and watch your hands every now and then. We need you all.


That's a good news