Proof of Share Stats & ROI +14% on June Predictions

Imagine a community where everyone shared their posts on social media. It's easy if you try!

Screen Shot 20200712 at 08.09.47.png

If every member of Hive generated just 1 external engagement with each post they created then the difference would be massive.

Sport (which is what I mainly blog about) is a really easy one when it comes to knowing where and when your potential audience is going to be online. If a football match starts at 3pm, I can be fairly sure that if I target my posts using specific hashtags between 2:30pm - 5:00pm then I'm going to catch at least some traffic on tweets including engagement from outside my immediate network.

Here are my stats for the last month on Twitter from doing just that. I've only included tweets that had a link to my Hive blog in them

Screen Shot 20200712 at 07.17.04.png

Hardly stellar numbers but not bad for an account with 144 followers at the time of writing.

As well as the timing and hashtags I've tried the following in the past month

Twitter Bombs

I've started using the scheduling feature quite a lot recently to hit my desired hashtags and audience with a whole heap of content in the 30mins prior to a match beginning. An example of that is below as I share 4 tweets within 30mins of the game starting. The content and graphics are all recycled from the body of my blog so this is not a time-consuming job.

Screen Shot 20200712 at 07.32.32.png

Pinned tweet

I've created a lot more than just 23 tweets in the last month. In fact, I tweet a lot while watching sport and even if those tweets have no direct link to Hive, I always make sure I maintain a pinned tweet at the top of my profile link so that should that activity lead to profile clicks then I can be sure the first thing they will see when looking at my account is a Hive blog!

Get your social media content shared elsewhere too

Twitter shouldn't just be viewed as the final destination of all your interactions. There are plenty of opportunities to have your tweets (and potentially your blogs) shared across the websites of even large media outlets. This is particularly true of sports where it is commonplace for articles that include fans opinions simply being a collection of reactions on Twitter!


As the above shows, one of my tweets about the cricket yesterday was shared on the BBC's live match feed! On a Saturday afternoon that site will have received hundreds of thousands of views - it's all good (and free) exposure

Celebrate your success

Of course, if a large amount of your content is around trying to predict the outcomes of sporting events then it's worth celebrating your successes when they come.

Below are my stats for predictions made (all of which were shared on twitter) over the month of June which equates to a +14% ROI

Screen Shot 20200708 at 19.30.58.png

What are you waiting for?

I would hope that anyone creating content on Hive does so because they want it to be seen and in order to earn from their creativity and efforts. That being the case then there is really no excuse for not sharing work as widely as possible.

I've also seen ideas and plans on how to tokenise and reward Hive users for their #POSH so this is a good opportunity for anyone keen to benefit from such a project to begin identifying how best to earn from such an initiative.

In the meantime, continue to ask not what Hive can do for you but what you can do for Hive. Every contribution no matter how small is a step in the right direction.

Thanks to @sidwrites who has created a lot of content helping to focus users writing and activity on social media as well as @nathanmars who is so active on Twitter supporting Hive content that I'm not sure he ever sleeps!


Good job with twitter impressions.

Thank you for writing this post.

Sports related content will add huge value to Hive Blockchain in the long-term.

Can't wait to see all PL clubs have their own Hive account.

Ps. I do sleep 6-7 hours a day. Being a extreme minimalist helps a lot.

Haha, fair enough

I don't think we're that far away from seeing more sports on the blockchain. This is what happened when Barcelona launched a token earlier in the year

I have formed the habit of tagging Chelsea and at times other EPL teams when i share my soccer related post on twitter hoping to get them on Hive.
I'm not sure if I follow you on Twitter, lets connect on and get the sport thing going there I am so wishing to have major soccer clubs on Hive.

That'd be awesome. I think next season we need to get a fantasy league going (and keep it going. Maybe see if we can create some blogs that just their for engagement purposes kind of like a weekly discussion of the big talking points

Sweet I'm up for that buddy!

p.s. what's your twitter handle?

@tunnek I actually saw we are following each other on Twitter