First Finalist Italy at Euro2020

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Italy, which beat Spain 4-2 as a result of penalties, advanced to the final in the match whose normal time ended 1-1 last night. Italy has only one obstacle left to reach the trophy. The strongest favorite from the start of the tournament was Italy.

I made a prediction that when Italy - Belgium matched in the quarter-finals, the victorious team would win the cup. There is one game left for my prediction to come true.

The winner of the England-Denmark match, which will be played today at 22:00, will face Italy in the final. England are the favourites. But I want Denmark to win under Kjaer captaincy. I think it will be a good match.

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Italy is my favorite to lift the trophy since the round of 16 and so far everything has gone well, I also said about the match against Belgium, that if they beat that team that many people considered strong, they can beat many others without problems and well look at what Italy is doing now, destroying all those teams... I also hope that Denmark wins, so Italy has the cup for sure xd

No big coincidence yes Champion Italy 😀

Italy has to win if they have to, I don't think they can lose now in the position they are in. That's why I think the same as you and I say that Italy is the champion.

Great win from the Italians. Quite a very tough match. Congratulations to them for stepping up when it mattered. Penalty kicks is not easy thing.

I would Denmark to make it through but the game tonight would be really a tough as the fight for final spot is tough one. Hope they practice enough penalty at training as the game might be heading towards there.

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It will be a tough match, but it will also be a good match. Let's say the good one wins.