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RE: First ETH Winnings & NFT Golfers Sent To MetaMask

This is the future. We are rapidly moving into a world where we get paid for doing the things we enjoy.

A game like that gives you a few bucks for spending your leisure time as you prefer. Then, you have the opportunity to turn that ETH into even more money. Of course, the price of ETH could do it for you. Or you might swap it into wLEO or some other token that you are extremely bullish upon.

A few dollars here and then, wisely invested, will add up over time.

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So true. Here's another level. I'm getting out of my box and engaging on the Project's Discord that I've been blogging about.

At first, I wasn't sure if they'd see it as spam. But so far, both BLOCKLETE and Peet DeFi have offered extremely positive feedback about my posts.

So...I picked up 3 Peet (PTE) for just over 8 bucks each. Who knows? I blogged about it and did the research. It could go belly up, but with a Uniswap LP and only 100,000 tokens ever in circulation, who knows? So far, so good.

Like you said, small risks in other investments can pay off in huge amounts. 😁

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Or it could do a 20x in a week.

That is the thing about those small projects. Even if they end up as garbage, they could be pumped big time.

A lesson I had to learn the hard way, take the money and run on stuff like that.

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I had that thought. Thanks for reinforcing it. Maybe better to not get too greedy if it pumps a bit. 👍

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I only say it because I caught a huge more than once only to ride it back down. Going for life changing money on every play is not the best idea in the world. Sometimes, take the single as they say.

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For sure. I could see myself making that same mistake. Thanks for the warning. It helps me to hear it and is a good reminder. 👍

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Oh, and it's a win win. I may or may not get rewarded from these projects, but they don't have to pay me. It's free advertising for them. And I still get paid in HIVE, SPORTS, and LEO for my efforts.

To the future and beyond! 👍👍🚀

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