What did you have to say about today's Uefa champions league fixtures?

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You know I told you guys I will surely update us on how things will go. The hour has finally come and I just want to remind us of the beautiful game we have today. When it comes to the Uefa champions league, I always enjoy matches from quarter final to final, this is where the fun always lies. Before I digress to what we have at hand today, I want to say that I am using this medium to say that I am very happy that the corona virus didn't stop soccer progress.


I remembered back then when corona virus struck the world, we are all confused and was all panicking because we were thinking we all will die and this might end the world base on what is happening. The media makes things worst by preaching it in a way that makes corona virus more deadly. This lead to all league going out for compulsory break, this was done in a way for clubs to curb the spread of the deadly diseaes and help by reducing the spread in any way.

Clubs went on compulsory break and everything related to sport activities was all put to hold. I can remember how I was really concerned for my team back then, we were about winning the English premier League before the outbreak came on board. Despite all this I was just checking daily to see what is happening and at the end I noticed that the issue was out of hand and hard to control, we all need to just relax till things settles down again.


While watching for things to settles down, it was the Liverpool fc opportunity to win the English premier League trophy that I was after. I know if we missed this it will really be hard for us to do it again. This is why I was really bothered. You need to see how I was praying so that the English premier League won't be cancelled. If we check on history, it was 30 years ago that we won the English premier league last, we just can't missed out on this opportunity to win it again. My friends always laugh at me saying that it was 30 years ago that we won the English premier league trophy, I just want to see us lifting it again. I am so glad that at the end of all the struggles, we finally won the English premier league, that is what really matters.

Deviating to the Uefa champions league fixture that we have at hand today, I know for sure that it is going to be a very challenging match but I am very optimistic that it will be the Reds (Liverpool fc) that will progress to the next round which is the semi final.

If you watch Liverpool fc matches you will see that they are now gradually back to their form, they have been putting up amazing performance and it is worth talking about. Real Madrid too are not bad either and they are very known to the Uefa champions league. In fact, the two club that will play today are the Uefa league finest. Real Madrid have won the Uefa champions league a total of 13 times while Liverpool fc have won it a total of 6 times, Ac Milan is the only team topping Liverpool fc. Judging from the above we can see that for sure it is really a strong fixture but I am very sure that Liverpool fc will progress to the next round.


Real Madrid have a lot of work to do, they need to make sure they outplayed Mohammed Salah, Diego Jota and Sadio Mane, if they can't keep out these three (3) Liverpool fc players then they are in trouble. The three forward is the problem Real Madrid will have all through the match today. Diego Jota is very inform, don't write him aside as he will cause damages in this match. Nonetheless, the first leg will be played at Santiago Bernabeu, it is no longer the place where it is difficult to get a win, they have been struggling for long, this is why I said Liverpool fc will surely conquer them today.

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