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RE: Friday Did you Know? Post Number 13

The term in Baseball is used for a bases-loaded home run. that's is when all three bases are occupied by an offensive runner/player and the hitter hits a home run.

interesting info on the other sports mentioned here. there have been no grand slams in Tennis or Golf since before the invention of the internet or the cell phone. In Golf, they did invent the term "Tiger Slam" when Tiger Woods held all four trophies of the PGA Tour Grand Slam at once (British, US Open, PGA Championship, Masters) but did not win them in the same calendar year.


Ok so when all bases are loaded and a home run is hit it is also a grand slam. I think of all the sports the tennis must be the hardest as they involve 3 different surfaces clay, grass and concrete favoring different styles and is hard to adapt especially for the slower clay.

correct, Tennis is the hardest sport to reach the Grand Slam for the reasons you mentioned. I honestly believe that it will never be acheived.