Ever been injured from playing SPORTS? Yes, I have

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The @SportsTalkSocial community is seeing an increase in the number of posts of recent. And I wish engagements will increase as well.
Also, the SPORTS token is seeing an improvement in its price and according to @uyobong, we might just see SPORTS at 1 Hive very soon and I concur. If you ask me, the best time to invest in the Sports token is now. I believe that this token will do very well in the near future or even in the coming months.


A few days or weeks ago, @cryptoandcoffee came up with an initiative called #sportingmemories and I loved it because it helped me remember and also share some good and bad old sporting memories I had from many years in the past. Equally, I got to read exciting sporting memories of so many persons; some were actually funny and interesting. You can still share yours if, you are yet to as well as join in the #sportinginjuries initiative.

Sporting Injuries

Every sportsman or player of whatever kind of sports is prone to injuries regardless of how careful he/she may be. And also, I can boldly say that no player has not obtained injuries before while in the field of play. Every sportsman have had injuries before, at one point or the other, whether mild or serious injuries. Yeah! Injuries are categories, there are serious injuries and there are mild injuries. Serious injuries could take a player out for months or years whereas some other injuries could be healed in days or weeks.

I've seen and read about players whose career have been ended because of injuries. I've also seen players who have been sidelined or lost form as a result of incessant injuries. Sports injuries are bad and I don't wish anyone that. In the same vein, as players, we should always play with caution and keep ourselves far from the chances of getting injured by other players. Sometimes, I see people intentionally foul playing just to injure someone, very sad.


Personal Experiences

I started involving myself in sports especially football right from my nursery school days; I was still very young in age then. Ever since then till now, I've had series of injuries experiences and each of these times, it is usually very painful and frustrating. One of those days in my nursery school, I was in primary six about sitting for my first school leaving certificate examination. Because of that, I usually waited in school for extra lessons after regular school hours.

On this day, the teacher didn't arrive early so, I joined others in playing football while waiting. I was playing at number nine position because I love to score goals. I remember vividly that, a through pass was sent my direction and I ran to get a hold of it and peradventure strike towards my opponents goal. Unfortunately and unknowing to me, the goal keeper saw the ball and came out for clearance. That was how we had a coalition, I touched the ball passed him and he ended up kicking my foot. And the saying, "if you miss the ball, don't miss the man," materialized in my case.

Being that he came with so much force, he broke my leg and that was the end of the match for me. I couldn't play again because I couldn't even stand straight or walk proper. I managed to reach the house. Getting home, I saw my parents in front of the compound and I knew that if I didn't walk properly, I'd be questioned. So, I faked the situation and walked passed them. Somehow somehow, they got to know that I had a leg injury and while I slept at night, they came and massaged the leg. You needed to hear how I woke up and screamed.


Luckily for me, I recovered between 2-3 weeks; can't recall precisely. And I was able to get back in action. All my injuries have always been on my leg and the right leg precisely. However, I came to discover that most of the injuries I obtained was because I used to play with bare feet back then. It is necessary that we wear our boots and shin guards; these two help a lot in protecting a player from leg injuries.



I broke two of my teeth out doing a diving header to block a shot on goal and my head hit the post. That sucked but i was a hero because I saved the goal.

A man is got to do what he has to do to save a goal..

Sorry about that. Must have been really painful

it was painful later, but as i stood there with blood running down my face and soaking my shirt, I didn't feel it until a bit later because I was temporarily a hero to my teammates and my adrenaline was pumping. That shot definitely would have gone in. Was it worth losing 2 teeth? Absolutely not but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The team paid for my new fake teeth which was nice of them because they didn't really have any money :)

I would hate to see you really break a leg as their is a big difference. No injury is great to experience and why many of us laugh at footballers rolling around faking injuries. Football is not really a contact sport anymore and has lost its manly appeal if you know what I am getting at as it is all one big act to try and con the referee.
Will have to wait to put this through and see as you were curated last night and cannot get daily.

Yeah...foul plays have reduced a great deal in football and it's good. Some players fake injuries just to win the referee's favour.