How FAR can you JOG?


While I was still into active sports, I could jog for a very long distance without getting easily fatigued but I just discovered that a lot has changed as regarding the distance I can cover when jogging. I can equally remember how far we used to cover anytime we embarked on a cross-country while in the secondary school but all that is in the past now.


Because of my many other engagements and lack of motivation, I really do not frequent myself in sporting activities like before; I get to participate in sports like football and jogging from time to time only. By motivation, I mean to say having a sports partner especially for jogging exercise. Having a sports partner have both advantages and disadvantages; the advantage is that he/she could cause you to cover more distances while the disadvantage is that he or she can be drawing you backwards.

One of those days we went jogging with my male siblings during the lockdown and some ladies decided to tag along. I noticed that we could not cover a very long distance because they were complaining of fatigue. In that case, we had to further reduce our pace so that they could meet up and we ended up going back home just too early. In this case, our partners had an adverse effect.

In another case while jogging with a friend of mine, I got really tired on the way and I wanted to quit. But each time I looked at my partner, the young man didn't show any sign of tiredness. He was still jogging with full energy and I knew he wouldn't stop even if I stopped so, I had no choice but to endure and I covered a longer distance as a result.


So, I have shown us a case of two different sports partner one can have and you would agree with me that it is better to go jogging with a motivating partner rather than going out with a partner that ends up deterring you. Such partner makes the whole process frustrating and somehow fruitless. One thing I have come to notice about jogging or racing is that it needs a whole lot of endurance.

Generally, to be a good a sportsman, there are certain characteristics you should possess like agility, speed, stamina, endurance etc. But in the case of jogging, endurance is what you need more. If you cannot endure the pains on your arms and legs then you won't cover much distance when jogging.

There are points you get to when jogging that you feel as though your legs cannot carry you again. That is a deciding moment in any race, if you give in to the pains at the moment and stop running, it might be very hard to pick up and continue the race (especially in marathons competition). Worst case, if it was a competition race, you discover that a lot of your opponents will overtake you immediately. On the other hand, if the pains come intensely but you keep going as though you are not feeling it, you will get to master the pain and that's called endurance.

It is endurance that makes a winner while it is the lack of endurance that makes one a loser in any race. Truth is, all sprinters get tired as they go but only those who endure get to reach the finish line. Also, racing is a thing of the mind; if you keep your mind glued to the finish line, you will pay no attention to the pains you feel on your legs and arms.

How I covered over 44.2 Km distance


The road I used for jogging is named as Nsikak Eduok Avenue and it has a length of about 22.1 Km.

Saturdays are usually like holidays for us so, I maximize these days to engage in some sporting activities like football and jogging. As we all know, keeping fit is very necessary if you must function well in all other areas of life. I woke up as early as 4:30am to prepare for the early morning run. At exactly 5:00am, I did hit the road as I begun jogging. The road was still very young and empty as people were yet to begin economic activities. Everywhere was so quiet and the early morning breeze made me feel a bit cold at the start. But as I covered about a hundred metres, the cold left me because I starting sweating.

Being that it's been long I went for jogging, I felt tired in less than no time but I never stopped. What I did was to reduce my pace and I maintained a very slow pace. Maintaining a slow pace is another key to covering longer distances when jogging. Jogging is quite differently from running. Some persons get fatigued easily because they run instead of jogging. Running or sprinting entails more speed whereas jogging doesn't require that. If you overspeed, you won't go too far.

So, that was what I did, I maintained a very slow pace. My runway was actually about 22.l Km long; going to and fro makes it 44.2 Km and that was the distance I covered and more. In the middle of the jogging, I was very tired so, I had to stop for some minutes at a point to make other moves. The essence of that was to regain some energy for the journey I had ahead. As I kept going, I met other persons doing same thing and over here, we have a pattern of greeting wheile jogging. It is always advised not to talk while jogging because it could contribute to your getting easily fatigued. Because of these, we greet with a clap. One claps while the other double claps as a responds.

Coming back home, I felt some pains on both of my laps but it is finally gone. One reason that happened and why I experienced the early fatigue is my lack of consistency in the exercise. This is why training is always important; the more you do a thing, the better you get at it. If you jog consistently, you will not have to feel those pains but when you only go for jogging once in a blue moon, each time you go, you'll always feel pains. In essence, we should always be consistent in all we do! I intend to do this more often because I felt really good upon returning from the activity.


Sadly, I forgot to put on my actifit early enough. It was in the middle of the jogging, I remembered and in the end, I had only 2507 points. After the jogging, I did other exercises as seen in the photos.





well you are a lot better than I am but I think i have about 20 years on you as well. Back in my prime I used to run a LOT on a regular basis although I never did it competitively. I always found the sport of cross country to be exciting but I really wanted a ball to be involved in my sports. I did run a half marathon a couple of times and that nearly killed me and you have exceeded that by far in your above example. Good job you!


Cross-country is usually exciting for the youths so, it was and is still one of my favourite sports.

I did run a half marathon a couple of times and that nearly killed me and you have exceeded that by far in your above example. Good job you!

I got so tired in the process but I just had to endure.