At Last, UEFA Champions League Ready To Resume

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Covid-19 tried to put an end to football but never, that's not going to happen. After a long wait of nearly five months of paused due to the pandemic that halted the tournament, Champions League is here again

Europa league round of 16 also started today to clear up unfinished business of last reason before Covid-19 came to disrupt the tournament. Manchester United won LASK 2-1 to secure their place in the quarter finals. Shakhtar Donetsk also defeated Wolfsburg 3- 0 in the second leg after a 2-1 defeat in the first leg

Now, the anticipated Champions League quarter finals is here, starting on 7th August with Juventus clashing with Lyon for a comeback after losing 1-0 to them in the first leg. Madrid is also going to fight for a comeback at Etihad after losing 2-1 to Manchester City at Benabeu

So many interesting games to watch and I can't afford to miss the glimpse of it