How And When Did You Start Supporting Your Club?

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Have you ever thought of what inspired you to start supporting the football Club you are currently supporting? Yeah something must have inspired it at a point in time even though some of us may not really remember it

For me, I think what inspired me to become a staunch Barcelona fan was sheer emotion. Nothing more than that. I started watching football way back in 1988. Then I had no definite club I was supporting but one thing I remember was that I used to like be a fan of Ronaldinho

When he moved to Barcelona, I found myself always watching Barcelona match and then emotions set it till it's happening till date. Now I'm a staunch Barcelona fan and my love for the club is indescribable

I would like to hear yours in the comment section


What makes it emotional for you? Is it the excitement of the crowd? Watching the team work hard to score? Is it particular players?

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Yeah everything you mentioned up there😉