Penalty Shootout, The Greatest Way To Turn Fans To Enemies

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If you talk about one of the greatest ways to make many fans to a player's enemy in football, it's got to be penalty shootout and I think this is a worst nightmare for a footballer, especially if it's a final match

Even some top players despite being scoring machines sometimes avoid penalty shootout especially if it's a heated match that has a lot of anticipation from fans

An example was what played out in the recently concluded Euro 2020 final at Wembley stadium. Barely two minutes to the end of 120 minutes, Rashford and Sancho came in as substitutes to take penalty kicks but unfortunately two of turned the black sheep of the team. They broke the heart of all England fans by losing their penalty kicks which saw them losing the EURO 2020 title to the Italians

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Bukayo Saka was also not left out. He also lost his own penalty and he was not left out in the racial backlash. The three players were heavily criticized and a lot of money pictures were flooded all over the internet to taunt them.

At some point, Rashford felt he has betrayed his country and he had to tender an apology to all England fans for the missed penalty