Scorum Launches Non Sports Blogging Domain


images - 2021-07-06T163820.525.jpeg

Hey guys! Good news!

The anticipated Scorum Non Sports Domain was launched few days ago. Although it's still in test mode and there are still some things in the new domain that need adjustments, especially some aspects where descriptions or tips related to sports can still be found. This would be removed in the coming days

This newly launched Non Sports Domain accommodates all kinds of niches such as crypto, lifestyle, travel, health, cooking, product review, art, pet, photo, music, technology, home beauty, entertainment, writing, gardening, investing, nature, photography and many more


Now can you see it covers almost all blogging niches, so no one has excuse for not using this new domain, especially those that gave the excuse for not being a member of Scorum due to their inability to write sports posts? 😉

Guys, let's grow this new blogging site together and make it a busy environment!