The Racial Behaviour Of England Fans Reestablish The Height Of Racism In Football

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I've always known England football fans to be very violent and aggressive when they lose and them losing the finals to Italians justifies this rash and ruthless behaviour of their fans

During the penalty shoot out you could see there was much difference between both fans.. Even when Italy lost their penalties their fans were more composed than the England fans when they lost theirs

Aside English fans being always violent and aggressive when they lose, their racial behaviour is another thing we just can't sweep under the carpet. We saw the side show that erupted in Wembley stadium yesterday after they lost the finals to the Italians.

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We saw how England fans unleashed mayhem on Italian fans yesterday out of anger and their inability to accept defeat. This kind of rash behaviour is very prevalent among England football fans that the same thing even happened in the Champions League final between two English teams (fighting themselves) They same as the Europa League final

This concluded EURO final reestablish the fact that racism still exists in the blood stream of not only sports men but sports fans and FIFA still has a lot of work to do in that aspect. The worse part is that the torrent of racial abuse and monkey emojis that are flooding in after the three black players missed their penalty kick is a very big concern

I even saw a video footage of how they were racially abusing Rashford when it was time to take his penalty. As Bukayo Saka also walked up to take his penalty kick they were booing and shouting "No" as if they knew he was going to lose and when he eventually did, racial insults followed

I really felt sad for Saka and Rashford for losing their penalty for a team where there's high presence of racism. The kind of racial abuse these guys will suffer henceforth will be so unbearable


Crazy to see and why the taking a knee actually will have no effect because you have idiots who just don't care. Education is the only way it is ever going to be resolved and think we are just so far off it is scary.