Which Of The UCL Matches Came As A Shocker To You?

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So many surprises seems to be happening these days. The bush meat become the hunter after the Champions League around of 16 resumption

Let me start from Lyon eliminating Juventus to proceed to the quarter finals. That was the first surprise that happen but I wouldn't consider that as a very big surprise though. I knew was a 50/50 chance for them to eliminate Juve after them 1-0 home victory or to be eliminated in the return leg

We also saw how Leipzig actually sent Diego Simeone's men back home. They didn't win that game by sheer luck, those guys played well and they game Atletico a run for their money

The one that came as a shocker was how Lyon eliminated Manchester City and proceeded to the semi finals. Who would have thought Lyon would be the one to eliminate City. My guess what that, even if City would be eliminated, their elimination should come from either Bayern or PSG but certainly not Lyon but we saw that happen right before our eyes yesterday

Let me end this post with the question, which of these matches come as a shocker to you?


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