Soccer at the Olympics - it is gonna be greater than you think!

The Summer Olympics is over, and so is the Copa America. Now it is time for the Summer Olympics, and there will be a soccer tournament there as well, but that is just gonna be boring, isn't it?

If that is what you think - then you better keep on reading, because you are absolutely wrong! First of all, the players of each country have to be 23 or younger. But, each team is allowed to bring along 3 players older. That is nice. And they are also allowed to bring professional players. But, France cannot tell PSG that they want Mbappe to come, so if the club doesn't release him, then he cannot come (and thus, Mbappe will not play in the Summer Olympics). And that is why it might be boring.

But, I just read an article about why many people keep Spain as the favorites to win the tournament, and if you take a look at their squad, you will most likely understand why. This is gonna be cool!

Source: Pixabay

Spain has a great squad for the Summer Olympics

If you had to mention one player from the Spanish team during the European Championship who did an awesome job and who played more than any other player on the team - it would be Pedri, the 18 year old guy who also was the most used player in his club Barcelona last season. Guess what, he will play for Spain in the Summer Olympics. But he is not alone!

Marco Asensio from Real Madrid is a real gem, but he wasn't a part of the Spanish squad for the European Championship. Now he will get the chance to prove that he should have been there!

The star attacker from Real Socieded, Mikel Oyarzabal (who also played in Euro 2020) is a part of the team, and so is Dani Olmo who also played in Euro 2020 and who plays in RB Leipzig normally. Mikel Merino from Real Sociedad is also a part of the team and the Spanish goalkeeper from Euro 2020, Unai Simon, is also a part of the squad.

No wonder why people keep Spain as one of the biggest favorites in the tournament?

Do you feel like watching some soccer during the Summer Olympics right now?

What about Dani Alves?

Brazil comes with some stars, but nothing compared to Spain. But, they have brought Dani Alves, the 38 year old defender to the tournament, and he will be the captain of the team. Richarlison from Everton is another star worth paying attention to in the Brazilian squad.

Matches starting tomorrow

The Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics will be held on July 23rd, but Spain will play their opening match of the tournament against Egypt already tomorrow morning (July 22nd). The match will start at 9:30 in the morning, Central European Time. Would you like to watch this and the other matches from the tournament? Take a look at the following Summer Olympics streaming guide!

Have I managed to make you interested in the soccer tournament of the Summer Olympics? I hope I have. And do not forget to pay attention to the female competition as well, because there are lots of great players there as well, with the US player Alex Morgan coming as the biggest star.


Olympic is one of the tournament i cherish so much because it comes with so much expectations.olympic games is made up of so many sports and that is what makes it interesting and fun to watch.

Yeah, the olympics is great, and I am currently watching some fencing, and just everything is interesting. But, also great to see that the football tournament is going :)

When you are talking about team with good squad. We will be talking about Spain in euro with some few teams, Brazil and Argentina as well.

I think they have really prepared for the tournament.

I quiet agree with you

Argentina won against Egypt, Egypt played 0-0 against Spain, the next will be Spain against Argentina.. that will be really interestgin!

Spanish team are one of the best team with fantastic squad in the world right now. I believe they are always ever ready for any competition.

Somehow, they only played 0-0 against Egypt in their opening match, but today it seems like they will win 1-0 against Australia after a goal by Oyarzabal (3 minutes left of the match now). Curious to see how they will do, because they haven't impressed much so far!