Bundesliga back - Corona bullshit in Munich

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No political statement but this is bullshit! - No spectators at Bundesliga kick-off in Munich

Not that I am a fan of Bayern Munich (not at all!) but the decision that the opening game of the German Soccer League must now be played without spectators is ridiculous. This decision was announced by Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter. The reason is the currently high corona values at the seven-day incidence in Munich.

The opening game of the German Soccer League between FC Bayern and FC Schalke 04 will be played on Friday evening without spectators after all. This was decided by the city of Munich on Thursday with reference to the rising corona infection figures in the state capital.

SPD guy Reiter states: "Allowing spectators would be the wrong signal" - Wrong for whom?

The official reasons are the current incidence number of 47.6 of the Robert Koch Institute, yesterday this figure was still below 35, so the nice numbers is too high to let even some spectators in say the politicians.

Previous decision based on old data

Yesterday, Reiter and the responsible authorities had allowed 7,500 spectators for the opening match. The decision to allow spectators in the Allianz Arena was based on the incidence value of the Robert Koch Institute on Wednesday: The value for Munich was 34.0 - and thus below the early warning value of 35. However, at the time of the decision, more recent figures from the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) were already available, which put Munich at a value of 45.53. Reiter defended the decision on Wednesday evening by stating that all German states had agreed to take the RKI value as a basis for Bundesliga matches.

Good luck Schalke 04!


There should be no spectators until this is sorted out. Europe is starting to see the second wave now as it hasn't been taken seriously enough by the masses. We have had covid in our house and believe me it is not fun. This is real and until people see that, it wont go away.

The masses take it seriously because of what? Because the mainstream media is told to publish it? Or is it because of proven facts?

Not doubting Covid does exist but the numbers who died as of it are totally faked up - i have enough doctor's as friends that confirm my doubts.

However I see the society is split on that - only black and white.

I have had two members of my family have it and believe me it is worse than I thought. My wife came out of hospital last week as a side effect made her brain swell. I was also on the side of the media trumping it up and thinking it was not that serious until it hit home like it did. I can see with the next wave more and more will get it if they are not careful.