Community Voice: How Do we move SportstalkSocial Community further from here?

Evenm when many people won't agree, it remains the fact that SPORTS is the most profitable token on Hive when it comes to curation returns. Everything rocketed the moment linear curation curve was invoked into the #sportstalk curation system.

Having curated on Hive's second layer with several tokens, I can boldly say that only thing that is keeping the Sportstalksocial community from growing to its highs is lack of development, lack of team communication which hinders investors from pushing in their HIVE to acquire SPORTS.

At this juncture, we can all learn from LeoFinance community with at least a weekly report from the lead team to show that the community lead is still interested and is still working on the project. Receiving updates form the official handle of the community also goes a long way to reassure the investors that the team lead is working hard to secure the investment of the investors.

So far, every Hive user should have been able to hold at least 1 Million token and that would have pushed the token value to some solid base at around 0.01 HIVE or higher, At that point, it would have encouraged much more engagement in the community and the community would have grown the more in terms of engagement which will lead to increased ad revenue and increased percentage of tokens burnt.

I wish that @Patrickulrich would lend his ears and see from the comments section of this post what Sportstalksocial users need to push this community as well as the token further. We have stayed here for a long time and it's time to move forward.

As for the token price, the big effects have been created by just a few SPORTS stakeholders who believe so hard in the future of the token and the community. I am glad to be one of such users, yet, we need a massive support to move this community and by effect the token value more by say 100x.

Glad that @jphamer1 has been doing a great job with curation which comes with big HIVE rewards too. has put in some great effort in SPORTS comment curation and @cryptoandsports has kept building the value of content such that helping creators to earn OCD curation for over three months now and still counting. We need more hands...

What Immediate Changes do you want to see in the community? Let's discuss in the comments section.


@patrickulrich I don't like all the ideas suggested here in the comment section, apart from the betting with sports!
Gambling can bring people - sports are cheap so would be betting with it. If you don't want the means to develop the service there are few Hive betting sites that might be interested in merger/cooperation

I would like to see some penalties in place. If you don't use the @sportstalk front end to post then you forfeit a percentage of rewards. This way actifit could still post yet lose say 50% of this as a penalty. This for me would help add value back to the tribe as at the moment I don't see where the value is. There is no use case for the token so until that is rectified I don't see the point unless it is just stacking for earning potential, but value wise it will never be here. I am still positive about sports, but we need to be honest for what long term prospects the community has.
10 trillion tokens was always going to be the problem I believe as if one works that out in seconds it is over 375 000 years. 10 Billion is a lot and this has 1000 times more. Sports has huge potential and unless there is a use case it has no potential and that needs to be sorted. If I had $1000 or $2000 I wouldn't invest in sports and I obviously love sports so there is an issue that needs fixing.

Right now I do not agree with the penalty for those who do not use the community frontend. We cannot want to force people to use a front end that is behind others that are more user friendly.

This I think should be implemented but only after our front end has been completely renovated, it ends up becoming something pleasant and user friendly for people.
At this point I agree to implement something like this to bring more traffic to our front end.

At this moment SPORTS is unable to attract any investor due to the fact that the maximum supply is huge and due to the fact that the token is made by anyone even when there is no content that adds value to the community.

I actually agree with you on that point and hadn't seen it that way and why it is good to discuss these things.

Other than the speed of a platform like Peakd what do you feel makes our site behind other sites in terms of user friendliness? In terms of SPORTS we already have custom features like the sports menu tags and even suggestive tags when publishing to help align content. Maybe there are things we can add in to ours that would make it feel more feature complete.

I think in SPORTS front end we cannot save drafts as we can in peakd

It will save a draft if you start a post but there isn't anywhere near the level of multiple drafts management and future posting features that Peakd offers. You can however save Templates that can act like drafts and then delete after you no longer need that draft.

Having a deeper draft system is something that I'm sure would be upstream merged to Hive Engine Nitrous if we found someone to add it.

Nice to see you here, May be have some inbuilt burning mechanism and roadmap. If we just want it as posting frontend only that token inflation is too huge and need to be taken care of.

One of my first proposals will be to adopt something that I seen @stemgeeks do ages ago with their non-tribe page penalty burn. I think it makes a lot of sense for the tribe's long term growth especially once the advertising is fixed. I've already consulted to find the costs for the contract changes and just waiting until the proposals are ready to see if the tribe agrees that is the right way to go.

I don't think I'll ever fully be for drastically decreasing the token production. Since we have such a large disbursement early on if we lower it we are essentially setting a ruling class of anyone who owns those large amounts. There wouldn't be the same earning potential for future users to offset the gains that early adopters made.

Penalty burn will certainly solve some problem of inflation and it also make distinction who are putting as extra tag vs "only sports".

Inflation can be controlled by introducing new token that will be swapped with existing SPORTS, new token will come with fairly less supply and less inflation.

First thank you for all that you do for this tribe. Your contributions are huge for helping advance sports on Hive and are certainly noticed! I also thank you for responding here and will do what I can to help alleviate these issues to the best of my abilities.

I will be issuing a proposal for adopting a post penalty similar to what's seen with STEMGeeks as soon as the proposal system is approved. I've already consulted with the HE team about costs and will have the figures in the proposal when that time comes.

I agree on a need for additional use cases. I'm hoping that we'll see innovative community proposals for this and will be looking to see what I can propose as well. My first focus will be around working to find a functioning advertising solution. I still think that in our current landscape that offers the best form of token removal.

It is a difficult one and something we should all try and help with. I don't have answers and we only want what is best for everyone and advertising is a great start.

The major thing i can point from here is use cases and we have been shouting it over and over again to the owner of the platform. I really stressed on the fact that there is need for a use case and also a master plan for sportstalk. For all I can see so far, all what is going on here is stake to earn, which is not good.

when you talk about use cases what do you mean?

the little experience I have on hive the community tokens are all focused on this in curation

I agree completely on use cases and not sure why you think I would be opposed to having more. We've had "sinks" in the past but they've been depreciated due to changes in the ecosystem. We used to have a Hive voting bot from Hive Engine that allowed people to burn SPORTS for an upvote. We then gave HP delegators to that account a set daily allotment of SPORTS. Unfortunately this was a casualty of the #NewSteem movement and the new risk of free downvotes limited the use of the voting bot until we were draining sports to delegators for no one redeeming them so it was turned off.

I've also paid the Hive Engine team 1000 ENG so they would operate advertising on our site to have tokens burnt. Unfortunately they've not made a burn for any ads to my knowledge since 2019 so that sink is clogged up. I've been working to find other advertising platforms that would pay for placements in Hive (or even BTC) but been unable to find anyone that would take us on yet.

That's 2000 ENG (BEE) + development costs for the delegators that I've spent on creating additional use cases for the tokens. That doesn't even get into I covered in hopes that a community dev would deliver on to allow people to burn SPORTS in hopes of earning more sports on successful match predictions.

If you have ideas for sustainable use cases that we can do I'm all ears and ready to support. When the ARCHON proposal system is ready to deploy I will gladly vote for proposals that offer a solid model.

This is a good suggestion. Isn't that what Leo is doing aswell? Some sort of tax thats used to buy back tokens.

What do you think we can do to add more value to token? Could we replace sports with something new and drop the current % to the users? And not so in to the technical stuff so dont know what we actually can so or not

I think LeoFinance did that ... now I don’t know how it is but buying back from the market when we have a well structured tokenomics and not a token left and right by anyone and with a community like actifit a farm the token every day by the thousands, because if it were bought back from the market as we currently would only be giving money to people who are not really people in the community.

In my opinion this would be throwing money away as the community currently no longer has control over the token.

I wont see it as money thrown away, we need to take some steps in the right direction in order to get where we want to.

Finally, I start to see people who are great SPORTS holders interacting and showing interest / concern about the future of the community.

I arrived here a short time ago but from an early age I realized that there was some kind of problem related to the community's tokenomics, as I saw a lot of gnets working on SPORTS anyway. The community has its share of responsibility for upvoting these posts.

Honestly I start to think that the community is a little abandoned.
I am not responsible for the community interested in moving forward with changes and improvements, always "hiding" in the economic question.
Yes, our community has a lack of communication for several times. I tried to raise some kind of discussion on our discoord channel and we don't even get a response and the lack of developers is a consequence of the community nowadays looking abandoned.

I think there are several things that should be discussed and changed, for example SPORTS tokenomics, improving the front end so that we can attract people to use it and with that we end up starting to deal with marketing and the community account it should be more active in both curating and informing the current status of the project.

To bring ideas out isn't the problem, we are all blessed with ideas, but will it be implemented? Is the platfrom owner ready to make some drastic change, did he care that much has to have a plan for the platform? Has he given an update recently? If the answers are No, then, our House of representatives has no effect. I'm sorry

What ideas would you like to see implemented? I will be happy to help implement things that are feasible for the community.

My suggestion -

  1. Manually curate all the good quality posts .
  2. Tax the posts which isn't posted from the sportalksocial frontend .
  3. Upvote with good amount of HP for promoted posts.

I personally started some initiatives like selling Dcity cards for SPORTS and all but I didn't get any response .

Hi @amr008 I want to ask you, what do you think about rabona? How do you see the future? I would like to join but with the idea of ​​making a profit with the future, as with Dcity, I wanted to participate in your initiative but I don't have enough knowledge about Dcity to invest in it, sorry

I have been planning to get started with rabona , I will definitely do it soon . As far as Dcity is concerned , don't worry about it because I know not everybody plays everything . So I will try to expand my initiative to other games on Hive ecosystem too but I just need some time .

As far as future of games is concerned , I will definitely say Dcity as well Rabona has great potential . I have personally calculated the payback for investments - it will take 6 months to get back what you invested.

Thanks for taking the time to drop some thoughts!

I like the concept of a strong manual curation group. Once we've adopted a proposal system I think that would be an excellent proposal from a strong community group. I've reached out to the dev that worked on the referee system we had for Steem and he was looking to see if he could find any of the old code for it. If I can get that code and have it updated to work on Hive then I'd consider running that system as a proposal in the future. If that couldn't be brought back then there are a few users I would support with that kind of proposal.

I'm definitely going to do a proposal for the penalty system. I've already reached out to Hive Engine to determine the costs for that system and am ready to cover it if stakeholders were to approve.

Are you meaning an upvote bot type situation? If you promote a post and burn sports then an account with Hive Power votes for the post?

Thumbs up on the first two replies .

3rd - Not really , I don't believe in upvote bot anymore as I believe it decreases the quality of the whole system because If I just post " Chelsea won today , what a great match " and promote it I will automatically get upvotes .

I would again suggest manual curation there - only quality content which has been promoted should be upvoted with good HP .

Upvote with good amount of HP for promoted posts.

I thought that's what you meant here. You're just saying have an account with lots of HP curate #sportstalk?

Yes that's right but it shouldn't be automatic , it should be manual curation .

The reason I say is , if you curate promoted content by giving SPORTS upvotes then we aren't taking away SPORTS at all from the liquid pool I hope you got what I meant .

Say I burnt 500 SPORTS to promote my post , you curate it using 100 Million SPORTS POWER account , then I am getting more SPORTS . I am getting more SPORTS than I burnt to promote the post . Instead give them HIVE , let them buy SPORTS again to promote their post.

This is interesting! I'll enter a petition for it when the proposal system comes out to see if we can get an idea together for a solid proposal that could support it.

Thank you for listening patiently :)

Of course! Thank you for explaining patiently 😁

What I feel could be changed is about the sports interface. This could be made more attractive and also with some ads to generate some income and buy back token just like @anderssinho stated.

I believe if the interface is changed and also easier to access in terms of speed. Sports is entertaining and also fashionable, so the interface should also have a bit of how sports look like.

Doesn't has to be like hive/steem it clone

Thank you for taking the time to give some feedback! I'm aligned on the thinking and hoping that we can take step by step to get there.

I would love to see advances to the site. We currently use the open source front end that comes from HE with a few enhancements that community contributors have done PRs for. The problem with moving from this format is finding someone who can maintain the codebase for a new condenser. Soon we'll hopefully have the ability to use ARCHON's governance system that a potential developer could make a proposal request for funding.

We also already have advertising on the site that comes from the Hive Engine team. Unfortunately they've not fulfilled their advertising payments since 2019 despite the ads still running at this time. I've reached out to multiple advertising networks to see about replacing them but have been unable to find one that will offer payouts to a Bitcoin address that will approve us. I'm still looking though!

I'm glad to hear you talk about all the stuff your doing behind the scenes. You might wanna communicate that more with the community so we know what's going on and that it's happening stuff even though we dont't see it.

This Archon governance system can be very interesting, hopefully we have alot of people coming up with ideas that we might be able to fund!

Yeah I'll be the first to admit I'm a horrible communicator for the behind the scene stuff. I'm want to improve that aspect of myself and be more open in 2021 not even just talking about SPORTS in that regard.

I'm really excited for the proposals for a number of reasons. My goal will be to see it implemented with approval for me to send around 2% of the SPORTS circulating balance to it from @sportsprojects. It won't be new tokens added to the market cap but will be new tokens added to the circulating supply at some point since @sportsprojects is usually locked up.

My biggest hope is that we fund projects that are ready for us to adopt at this early stage. Since their proposals system doesn't have a recurring payouts function, at least yet, I'm hoping we are only funding things with solid deliverables to the tribe. That's just my own personal opinion though and I'm sure I could be persuaded away from it but I'm really focused on things that bring an immediate return to the tribe.

I understand your efforts and concern for the community.

I hope things get better soon

Glad to lift some voices here regarding the direction we as a community want to take sports. I'm going to start a posting about some stuff I think we need/should do inorder to make our community thrive.
Some thing I think of is:

  1. Remake the front-end so we can adapt it more to our needs. This could also make place for more ads, which could be used to burn more tokens, and also creating a more neat clean page where it's easier to get new users onboard.
  2. We need to get more use-cases for the token. I saw initiative where you could buy Dcity cards for Sports, and we need more initiatives like this.
  3. Need more diversed content. Now it's mostly content about actifit post, and that doesn't have to be a problem, but we need something else to offer aswell.

Just a few ideas of mine. Looking forward to see more discussions brewing here

Thanks for the comments and suggestions! I'm excited by the interest everyone has in making this tribe as functional as possible!

1.) I agree we could use a face lift. Right now we're using the open source HE condenser that I believe is a fork from Changing from it will require a developer that can maintain the code for a new site which is what has kept us from going that route. There are a lot of advancements happening, though I'm not sure what all is open source, within Hive and it's second layers. Maybe more options will happen in the future to advance this realm.

2.) THIS A THOUSAND TIMES OVER! I couldn't agree more and hope that we have more advancements in 2021 in this realm.

3.) I agree here as well. I've sent out emails to tons of blogs on the web in hopes of getting them to even adopt something like Exxp where their posts could automatically come. I'll continue to focus efforts there this year and hope we get more blogs to join us.

Thanks a lot for these and keep them coming!

Thank you very much for taking some time to point pout what could help the SportsTalkSocial community grow.

Ofc, I'm one of those who really see potential in Sports and want it to grow!

This could also make place for more ads, which could be used to burn more tokens, and also creating a more neat clean page where it's easier to get new users onboard.

I think that currently with the amount of tokens to be made by posts that does not add value to the community we would only be burning money and giving money to those who do not want to know about the community and it would take too long to be able to value our community due to the amount of tokens in circulation.

an idea in support of what @anderssinho said, I think all of us as users, and from the community moderators, we can promote the use of SPORTS for other Dapps, such as Dcity or Rabona, what @cryptoandcoffee said about the penalties also me It seems like a good idea to encourage the use of the SportstalkSocial ref, for example I publish from Peakd and not from STS, because that frontend works quite slow for me, lately they have corrected some of those problems, and just today I was testing a draft there to start publish from there, I already mentioned this before, I think there should be more incentive for community users to join, competitions with prizes in Hive and SPORTS, initiatives, challenges, and in advertising issues, we must also improve the image wue gives STS, in order to attract new users.

I'm excited to hear you tried out the site again today! We use a fork of Hive Engine's Nitrous code that contains a few enhancements but we're entirely reliant on their APIs. As more network options become available we'll be able to consider what we'll be able to do with those.

What did you think when you used the site more recently? Did you get a chance to try the suggestive tags we added for writing posts? Any thoughts for features you'd like to see added to the current site iteration?

I like that you mentioned competitions and prizes. @cryptoandcoffee brought up doing a trivia account with rewards which I thought was an excellent idea. There will be more about this coming soon!

The truth is that now it is much more convenient to use it, my next post I will write it there completely to have a concrete idea of ​​its use, the labels seemed a good addition, since it can help to better organize the content if you do not know Where to do it, the subject of contests draws my attention because I think they work wonderfully to attract new users and so that those who are already are encouraged to participate and interact

I love to hear that! I'm going to do a post shortly to get community feedback on what SPORTS we list on the sidebar. I'd like to update that to match the daily report and then adopt more leagues under each sport if possible. I also think we need to expand from just 8 tags to allow for more defined leagues/team tags plus all the other community tags.

I could even see adding a section for tribe tags for tribes that wouldn't mind to have sports related content cross posted to their tribes. I've spoken with ARCHON which would be solid match if we go with the proposal system to allow posts that get voted on the daily curation report to also get rewards in the form of ARCHON. This could be expanded as well but only to tribes that would want that listed.

That idea sounds great, count on me

Thank you for all of the support you've given sports and for doing a post like this at this time. It will be very useful in determining where best to place efforts for the tribe.

I can understand the frustration with community reports. There hasn't been a lot of news coming from the tribe and I will work to improve there. I can say that there will be a post coming soon about the new ARCHON proposal system that will seek for community input and approval to launch. From there I can work to create a weekly review of proposals and updates as they come.

I do want to clarify something I feel I need to reiterate. SPORTS is not an investment token nor does it offer any kind of returns. This extends that I nor anyone that I know of is working to secure anyone's investment. SPORTS is used as a means of organizing our tribe's influence and is an open infrastructure for anyone to build with. Any purchases of the token should be done so with that as an understanding. I will continue to do what I can to help our tribe organize and to create a better experience where possible. I just feel I need to be clear that this is not an investment and no guarantees on development are made.

Just like you mentioned with the change to linear curation I believe our adoption of the ARCHON proposal system will propel us to a whole new level. Once approved this will allow anyone interested in building within SPORTS to be rewarded for doing so. I think that will bring a whole new stream of advancements when anyone can help build out the functionality of SPORTS!

Thanks again and looking forward to all of the comments!

Hi @patrickulrich I would like to ask a question, if you allow me, I have no idea what the new ARCHON proposal system is, could you clarify that question?

Definitely! ARCHON is another tribe on Hive and they offer other tribes the opportunity to use their proposal system within their tribes. Here's the most recent proposal showcasing a wide range of governance code that is already available on ARCHON. They had the proposal system without the coding features before but I've been waiting until it could automatically run before I sought stakeholders approving it. As of right now I think WEEDCASH is already using it without the code version.

I've already purchased enough ARCHONM and ARCHON to cover our needs and will create a proposal for stakeholders to agree they want the features and to adopt a @sports-gov account with liquid funds to cover needs that get approved. ARCHON tested it last week and there was an error in the code and are now running the proposal I linked above. I imagine we'll be able to adopt very shortly pending approval.

When people see updates and development, it gives them more confidence and they will be optimistic. Consistent development is a must to progress and we can see its impact on everything. I think if SporsTalkSocial makes posts about the roadmap and progress from time to time, that's better. SportsTalkSocial definitely has plans and how to move forward.

Thank you @uyobong.sports for this post and we get to know more about what our favorite tribe is up to.