HIVESTATS: Monthly SPORTS Curation Reward nearing $200

I was so excited when a friend called yesterday that he's met my #sportstalk blog inactive for the last two days. At least, it showed that my absence in the community was felt. I had some off-chain activities to attend to and good, I have some more time to be here. Soon, I'll be doing curation and engagement as a full time job in the Hive tribes. Glad that the second layer is going decentralized and maybe I'll someday run a witness node here. I think it's a good place to start. Things are not so costly at the moment.


As usual, each time I want to start blogging on Hive, my first port of call is hivestats where I check my curation and contenting earnings to show if I'm growing or not. Doing that today, it was fun to see that my monthly curation earnings as marked in the screenshot above is gradually going near $200. The grand goal is $500 monthly and maybe we'll shift it to $1k when HIVE approaches $1.

Earning that from "liking" posts is quite decent and I'm glad this much value is coming from SPORTS token that was once rejected by many. Soon, the 0.00035 price we're seeing would be cleared off and we'll be seeing SPORTS trading at above 0.001 HIVE irrespective of HIVE price. My heartbeat for SPORTS is to see it back at $0.001 or high. One cent would even be more decent. It doesnt happen by magic. I have staked a whopping 60million + SPORTS tokens and I'm still powering up at least twice or thrice daily.


I dug into one my SPORTS curation posts I did 3 months ago and I'm happy to see by how much my curation earnings have grown over the last few months.

Presently, the stake of near 50 m SPORTS gives $0.42 in a full single upvote. I am aiming for 100 million SPORTS and hopefully by then, I'll be able to give out as much as $10 in a single upvote. Save this on your journal. I'll refer to it.

I was giving put $0.42 per 100% upvote but now, my full SPORTS upvote should be valued at around $1.3. Soon, we'll see a $10 value per SPORTS upvote and then, we'll see many come for this SPORTS token. How well are you taking advantage of the curation returns of Hive second layer tokens? If you're so busy, below is how you can make the most of your stakes.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

We are still in the beginning of things and the future is looking brighter than ever for crypto. More wealthy dudes are emerging soon.


You are rally doing a great here and yeah, for someone like you, when you are inactive for two days, confusion takes place. Lols...

Congratulations to you, you deserve what you see for your work, and trust in the second layer tokens when no one believed in it. Keep driving to the moon, we all are solidly behind you.

This is just the beginning of big things to happen on HIVE. The second layer is the business layer. We anticipate a lot of prices pump here.

Is @uyobong.sports the account? To follow the trail..I am not finding time to upvote :(

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Yes. That's the trail. You can also use the link in the post.

Nice job on rewards. Just wondering, what is causing the fluctuations on between earnings on one day and the next? I thought the rewards from SPORTS were suppose to be linear. Or is it also including earnings in other tokens and HIVE which may not be linear.

Just my engagement. Most of the upvotes are manually given out. For days I spend less time here, the rewards would reduce too.

Thanks for clarifying the details. Do you try to maintain your VP near max or drain so it is almost max on your return? If so, I can understand that it might be full when you are busy.

I keep it at 80% daily. You may have to set yours at a comfortable spot on the home page. Also consider using the vote multiplier tool on leoDex to make the most of curation on second layer.

Yes I do. I have set my vote multipliers higher for all tribes from 2x to 10x. By doing so, I try to use up more of my 2nd-layer tribe token's VP.

I think 3x is healthy for all tokens. SO that 100% upvote for a token would require 40% HivePower.

I generally modified it slightly and some of them went higher since I see them less often. I find it easier to just toggle it higher and if I see that I am using it too much, lower it later. Since I use the LeoFinance the most, I leave it at 2x.

If you make your review to see 2x works fine for your stakes, then good,

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Congrats, you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on Sportstalksocial .
You made a total of 25 comments and talked to 16 different authors .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Very interesting question , I would like to know the answer too but I guess ( not sure though ) is that the SPORTS earned is same everyday but it is fluctuating because the SPORTS to USD conversion changes everyday .

Yes. Also Hivestats generally only returns everything in HIVE. So it is possible to mix in HIVE and other 2nd layer tokens besides SPORTS.

This account specifically curated SPORTS only. So the curation rewards are exclusively for SPORTS token.

I think I have answered the question just above. I hope it satisfies your quest.

It does :) Thank you , also my engagement project is out . Please let me know if you would like to delegate , I would really appreciate it.

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you are doing superb with sports. Great work my friend and this 180$ of reward is so good

Thanks friend. The future looks a lot more better.

The number one curator of this sports tribe is no other than the Boss of all Bosses ,the sports blockchain renowned VIP @uyobong is going to the moon with this constant rate of improvement and focus driven commitment

Thanks friend. We're on this cruise together. We're heading to the moon.

You are doing super well on this and can only go up from here. I am growing but not as fast as that as I need to grow other tribes as well these days.

Thanks Sir for the encouraging words. We can only do better.

BTW: would state of the art sports research reports qualify for OCD curation?

So inspiring! But why can't I check your name on hivestats? It's just loading forever

Clear the cache and try?

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Haha the problem was that I missed the last "s" in @uyobong.sports username 😅

Good you figured it out.

Ah right lol . let's blame @uyobong for this .

Lol, I think about it whether or not to accept the blame.

I have joined your curation trail from today. Its really amazing to see your posts which add real value and knowledge about platform

Thank you for joining. I hope as your curation rewards come, you power them up. The future looks more brighter.