Closely approaching the 10 million SPORTS stake mark - 500k Powered-up

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I have successfully powered up 500,000 SPORTS tokens as I have barely 25 hours left to reach the 10 million SPORTS stake mark. It was fun to receive queries from some awesome steemians as to why I am still investing in SPORTS when I shared my purchased of half a million SPORTS in this post. In response, I still see myself in the kindergarten stage when I lookup the SPORTS richlist to see users like @cryptoandsports @
rezoanulvibes @erikahfit and how they are so dedicated to build and stake SPORTS, I have no option than also help push further.

While I am not making any of them as my investment role-models, but I see those who believe in the future of this token and all I can do is also help push further. We all know that the whole world consumes sports content and even in this season where sports activities were banned due to COVID-19, we still have sports relating contents trending the internet space.

I see a big future for SPORTS and I am so trusting to see that new use cases shall soon emerge. I am happy that my stake of SPORTS has reached 7.5 million and just 2.5 million more tokens are needed to reach the milestone. I am not relenting.

As for those who want to dump, please you can head to stee-engine to pour the tokens and I will gladly gather them. Remember how Bitcoin started. They were worthless at the beginning but today, you can tell the story better.

This is not any financial advice but a log of my investment on steem hive chains and I see the tokens gather more value in the near future.

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wow that's good, there's little to go.

I am not planning to dump but I do need to see commitment from the Sportstalk dev team on the future for sports. We already know sports articles are not rewarded as much on the chain.

There should be a conscious effort to improve that to give the tribe some value. I am planning on picking up 1.5 M tokens with my Steem.