How well did you take advantage of the STEEM shoot and SE token Dip - over 1 Million SPORTS acquired

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It was really a tough decision for me to choose one out of the four options we all had while the hive chain forked out. The options were:

  • Keep your steem and earn hive airdrop;
  • Sell your steem which rose as high as $0.30 +
  • Buy SE tokens that were dumped
  • Sell SE tokens to have more steem for either sale-out or hive drop.

Sincerely, I had to make several personal analysis and I did refuse to look at what predictions were made. It was quite obvious that there would be a buying pressure on steem towards the hive fork in order for steem holders to earn hive. However, that time was also very good to sell out steem at an appreciated value which might not be reached again in the near future.

It was funny while I checked on SE markets to see how tokens were dumped, even LEO and some are unable to regain again, such as SPORTS. Yet, I seized the opportunity to acquire over 1 million SPORTS.

I certainly see sports thriving especially as some sports teams, particularly, Westham, are beginning to embrace cryptocurrency and have the sleeves of their shirt branded with #bitcoin.

All tokens will be powered up and I wish to earn more from curation. Besides, I am still hopeful that SPORTS will someday reach the $0.01 mark in price for each and that would be husge for those who are currently accumulating.

Such is life, some people lose investment while others gain, it all depends on our decisions.

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