More Investment in SPORTS - 100k tokens Powered Up

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I staked 100,244 SPORTS token today as I match quite closer to the 10 million personal stake of SPORTS. Though my investment in this tribe has been relatively slow of late, SPORTS remains a token of great interest and I anticipate soon when we'll trade SPORTS at $0.001. That may sound impossible i=ut it would happen soon.

Everyday, we have millions of people around the world in wait to consume quality sports contents. Even within these pandemic times where sporting activities had been halted, many are still interested in getting to know what the next steps would be.

Apart from sports contents, personal fitness activities are contents acceptable within the #Sportstalksocial community and especially when shared via the @Actifit DApp. As such, personal fitness targets and daily reaches could be logged in for curation in the #sportstalk tag.

Soon, many would wake to the reality that the internet must be tokenized to give back value to the users. It would be a huge time for all who believed in SPORTS token in the now and had invested early.

Though the beginning may look small, there is room for growth and more endearing as SPORTS is built on the Hive blockchain whicn is fully decentralized.

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@uyobong, I have the same conviction as you do in SPORTS token. However, it is a long term play. We need to ignore the volatility in pricing as "noise" in the meantime.

Certainly, that's truth. Thanks

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Wow, great move for you and the sports community

Thanks for stopping by.

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I believe that Sportstalk Social is still an interesting place for investors with a long-term vision and for those who like sports it is an excellent environment where the person feels comfortable writing what he likes to practice or follow news of his favorite sport .

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Definitely. You have the freedom as long as the tenets of Plagiarism are adhered to.

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