Mt Actifit Report Card: May 17 2020

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Hello everybody!

Sunday is a wonderful day. We should rest!
But yesterday we finished painting the hall, the paint on the walls dried very quickly. It left absolutely no chemical smell. I left the balcony open for the night.
And in the morning, all the walls were dry. I had to clean.
Wash the floors, place the books on the shelves. Put the dishes in the cupboard. Clean up the balcony.


And since the sun came out in the morning, I went to the garden before lunch and planted broccoli.
I really like this cabbage. It gets prepared very quickly and contains many vitamins.

I will see how it will grow, I’ve planted it for the first time.
I picked the first strawberries. Large strawberries are growing.
And I see that there are two different varieties.
One is an elongated and pyramidal.

The second, on the contrary, is as wide as a pear.
And just to kill myself with work, I’ll must to the laundry.
I hang the Laundry on the balcony so it dries faster.

The day was fruitful. I am exhausted of course without arms and without legs.
The satisfaction from the work performed is enormous!
The mood is great. The weather forecast for the entire week is excellent.

The sun!!!

Good luck!!