My Actifir Report Card: May 4 2020

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Hello everybody!
Today is a beautiful day in our provincial town.
Birds are singing, the sun is shining, the mountains look quiet and beautiful against the background of this morning's prosperity.
Peace in nature and in life.
And today is a special day, because officially, according to the law of the Italian government, the quarantine has ended.

We can leave the house, but observing all social security measures: a distance of 1-1. 5 m, mandatory wearing of a mask on the face.
Honestly, I can't believe it!
We talked to the children on the phone, decided that we will not rush, we will wait another week and next weekend we will probably organize a small picnic.

I don't know if it checks on the roads? After all, it is easy to get a fine, but it is very difficult to solve the problem to get rid of it in Italy.
I will not even undertake to do this, since the judicial system is very slow. You can go to court for years, spend money on lawyers, but the case is not finished...

Now it is important for me to buy seedlings of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers for my garden and plant all this in order to get a harvest as soon as possible.
Tonight I will work a lot in the garden, where I usually do a huge number of steps, exercise is important for our body, joints and spine.

We all have to take care of our health. Have you a nice day and take care of yourself!