My Actifit Report Card: 1 May 2020

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Hello everybody!

Friends, happy holidays to all!
Beautiful spring day. We are warm, although the sun is still sitting behind a small cloud, but I hope that soon it will come out and flood the earth with its sunny, golden rays.
Birds sing, I hear birds chirping every day.

We used to have a cuckoo and it cooed all day.
But last year, two huge trees were cut down in our yard, more than 12 meters high, because of strong winds-there was a threat of their is a pity, of course, and apparently it was on one of these trees that our cuckoo lived.

Now it has no nest and the cuckoo no longer pleases me with its cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo.
The air is breathtakingly fresh and delicious.
The window to the balcony is open, for Breakfast I made a fruit smoothie, drank it with great pleasure.

I recharged my energy in the morning and wrote a lot of congratulatory messages to my friends in different countries of the world...
The sun will come out and I will go to the balcony, breathe in the fresh air, look at the mountains and dream.
It is to dream, because i really want to live in a beautiful and good world.

Friends, i wish you happiness and good luck!!
Be always in the best mood, no matter what!