My Actifit Report Card: 3th May 2020

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Hello everybody!

This Sunday night was very, very windy.
I was afraid that all my flowers would be carried off the balcony.
I woke up very early, for me it's definitely early, got up, opened the balcony, checked if all the flowers are in place?
It turned out that the wind carried away in an unknown direction the potato seedlings that I planned to plant in my garden.

OK, enough of the one I've already planted in the garden. I won't worry.

Now my husband is doing a run, then I will do a run.
It is good that there is a treadmill at home, it helps us out a lot during the whole time of coronovirus.
In the afternoon there is no wind, everything is quiet, but how are my plants in the garden?
I haven't seen that yet. I'm afraid to go down to the garden, I'll go to work there in the evening, so that I can still load my body with physical work.

How do you spend your Sunday?
Good luck and best wishes to all!