My Actifit Report Card: April 29 2020

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Hello everybody!

Friends, are we really going back to normal? Do you believe?
I still can't quite believe it, to be honest...

However, I see that there are more people on the street, although according to the decree of the Italian government, it is allowed to leave the house only after 4May.
But people are already coming out, I don't know if it's right?
I am very law-abiding, because in Italy it is very easy to get a fine.

Slightly exceeded the speed on the road-means wait for a fine.
On the one hand, this is very correct, because there have been a lot of road accidents recently.
The driver must be very careful and not exceed the speed limit to stay alive.

No, I'm for order and integrity.
I will wait until May 5, read carefully the decree of our government, and then go to the historical center of our small town to make an aperitif with my friends!!
we can't wait for this moment!!!
All good mood and a wonderful interesting day!!!