My Actifit Report Card: May 12 2020

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Hello, my friends!
In the morning, I had the idea to write that the consequences of coronavirus are very severe.
We hear and know that many people are dying.
And this reality makes us very wary and inspires fear for our own lives.
Yes, it is very dangerous to get sick and harm your health, because no one knows about the consequences of coronavirus disease.

Even scientists, unfortunately, are not all United. Their opinions are contradictory.
Someone says that the mask will protect you, someone says that it is pointless.
From all these contradictions, I came to my conclusion.

Only the person himself knows his body and the person can protect himself.
First, you need to protect your own thoughts from penetration from outside of heavy and deadly information.
I almost stopped listening to news about the dead, I do not follow this information; it puts me in stress.

I don't want to stress. My neighbor works in a hospital.
She said that people can't stand the stress of coronavirus and end up committing suicide.
Friends, do not give in to panic, take care of your peace of mind and health!

I want to show you something that will cheer you up. My photo about Capri

Good luck


Хм... Я вижу, что тебя спаминатор сильно любит... за что он тебя так....

Я ж писала, что в прошлом году, Гена приходил с паровозом на посты. Спаминатор мне объяснил в дискорде, что Гена мошенник-майнер. Значит и я с ним заодно. Но я не знала совершенно об этом. Хотела ответить спаминатору, что это не моя вина, но вход в дискорде у меня не работает. Каждый раз мне пишет - введите учетную запись. Я пишу, он в ответ, уже такая есть. И что надо писать, какую новую вводить - не понимаю.

Absolutely, I share same view with you. There are just too much crap in the news and I actually decide to watch less of the news lately. I totally agree with you, follow your instinct, know your body and stay safe.

@joetunex, thanks for your beautiful opinion. it is very right. Have a pleasant mood and health.