My Actifit Report Card: May 14 2020

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Hello everybody!
Beautiful day, great mood. Life is splendid and with each another day comes a sense of happiness.
You are a human being, and you were born to be happy.

Don't be sad and don't cry, but smile more at life.
She is so grateful, she will definitely give you even more joy and inspiration.

Try it, experiment with your life.
You are awake and say Hello to the world, because there are people who could not Wake up.

Tell life thank you, because you have eyes and you can see the beauty of nature, the face of your mother and your loved ones, children.
Tell her thank you because your house is warm and has water.
You can get into the bath, add foam and lie in it, removing the fatigue that has accumulated from work.


Thank the woman who lives next to you.
Because every tear on her face will be counted, and the man will have to answer for it.
God created a woman from the left rib, under the armpit, so that a man could hug her and protect her from adversity.

I listened to Robert Benigni speak on television about the 10 Bible commandments.
This is a delightful interpretation, and the most important thing was told in simple language.

Thanks for reading.
Good luck to all!