My Actifit Report Card: May 5 2020

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Hello everybody!

Fine day. Amazing day. What a blessing that no one can deprive me of the freedom to think.

Much depends on the person himself, on his attitude to life. I got up in the morning, did some exercise, drank a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie, got a boost of energy and life is great.
Especially during this unfortunate epidemic, there was a sense of fragility of existence.
All people talk about freedom, that they are free and can do what they want, but it turned out that this is not true.

Rich, poor, politicians, corporate executives, they were all not free.
They also had to be isolated at home, they lost the opportunity to organize noisy parties, meet in a bar or restaurant with their partners, friends, mistresses and lovers...

So the true, exclusive freedom is the freedom of your own thoughts.
In all other cases, being free will not work, even if you think you are a free person.
My opinion is that we have only a visible, relative freedom of choice and we can never say that a person is free.

No, the coronavirus confirmed that they deprived us all of our constitutional right to free movement.
So freedom is only what we think it is.
And no one can take away this freedom of thought from us.

Thank God for that!