My Actifit Report Card: May 8 2020

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Hello everybody!
Life seems to get better. In the Piedmont region of Italy, the quarantine has been lifted, and they allow you to visit your relatives.

We went to see our grandchildren. We haven't seen each other for over 2 months.
They live in another city 30 kilometers away.

There are noticeably more cars on the roads, and many cyclists.
Sometimes there were more cyclists than cars.

When we arrived at the house and got out of the car, we saw our grandchildren waiting for us on the balcony.
Little Giosue', he will be 3 years old in June. Such a sweet child.


His eyes were shining with happiness.
Knowing that it was coronavirus and no one could come to visit, he asked his father quietly: "Can they come to our house?"

My God, a sweet little child of less than three years old already knows the limitations and insurmountable obstacles.
As we walked from the car and up the stairs to the second floor, they were already standing in the doorway, waiting impatiently for us.

With open arms and happy eyes, they rushed into our arms.
The eldest grandson of Martino, he will be 5 years old in August, was only confused for one second.

We were in masks, then rushed to hug.

Good luck and have a beautiful day!