My Actifit Report Card: May 9 2020

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Hello everybody!
Friends, life is getting better.
Although yesterday I went to the market, I wanted to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
BUT. .. there are few sellers in the market, and there are many buyers.

There's a queue at every counter.
It will take at least an hour for you to come and make a purchase.
No, it's not for me. Let's go to the supermarket, where the entrance is free.

No one is there. Everything is organized perfectly.
At the entrance, hand sanitizer, gloves.
I bought bananas, melon, and strawberries for the smoothie I make for breakfast in the morning.


I bought minced meat, sliced pork, and meat sausages.
And I noticed that prices increased by 1 Euro. Why?
During the epidemic, supermarkets were in a privileged position, they earned enough...

I'm waiting for the old times to return.
I would like to walk freely and without a mask, we have a fever; it is impossible to wear a mask.
You can't go to a bar, you can't sit, there are restrictions all around.

But life goes on, the mood is good.
In Russia, Victory day over fascism!
Grand celebration. 75 years the world lives without war!

Good luck!