My Avtifit Report Card: May 15 2020

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Hello everybody!

For the first time after being confined to my house for a long time because of coronavirus, I could finally see my friends. Rita and Cinzia.
We were all so happy for each other. We kept our distance, but it's hard.
They didn't hug each other when they met, but Lucky the dog was wagging his tail with joy and didn't understand why they shouldn't approach.

She came over and I stroked her beautiful fur. We sat and chatted in their large and beautiful garden.
Two benches under an enormous tree, so romantic.
They are also at home all the time, Cinzia didn't even go shopping because she can't wear a mask.
She sent her husband or son to the supermarket.

We talked about the economic crisis. Three of her friends who own stores will not open their own boutiques after the pandemic.
Very costly. The stores were closed for two months, and the salespeople had to pay their salaries, even if they didn't work. It freezes the product.
There is no money to update the collection. They must pay taxes.

In Italy, unfortunately, none of the merchants received any support from the state.
In Germany, it was enough to submit documents and the money immediately went to the company's accounts.
In Italy, everything is very long. Merchants do not believe that they will get help... That's how my day went.

We spent a lot of time outdoors. This is a significant help for our health and physical activity.

Good luck!