Toyota Thailand Open results: Ginting failed to enter the quarter-finals.

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Indonesian badminton player Anthony Ginting defeated Li Zhuoyao 19-21, 21-13, 12-21 in the impact arena, Thursday (21/1), and failed to enter a quarter of the Toyota Thailand Open. the final.
Ginting grabs the opponent's right leg, folds the first corner, then crosses it to make it 3-0.
However, Ginting's incorrect observation led Lee to tie the score to 5-5. Lee didn't give Ginting a chance to go any further.
Lee's net loss allowed Ginting to increase his lead to 9-7. But the next point was won by Lee, and Ginting hit hard from the left, 9-8.
After the break, Ginting led Lee 17-10. However, the badminton player from Hong Kong was able to catch up to 6 consecutive points, lowering the score to 16-17, and then increasing the position to 18-18.
At the end of the first game, Ginting began to get overwhelmed by Lee's cross. However, Lee's foul in a tennis match put Ginting ahead 19-18.
Lee scored again with the score 19-19 as Ginting was responsible for returning the ball. How could things that bounce back in the middle of the field make Lee so spoiled and unable to return to Ginting.
Two points in a row Lee won the first game 21-19.
Lee made another threat at the start of the second game. Lee grabbed the first point with a hard cross. Ginting continued 7-4 and 8-4.
Ginting took the lead with an 11-5 advantage in the second game. After the pause, Ginting's view was unstoppable.
What about Lee's man, the fifth seed was probably 16-9, then he won the second game 21-13. The game continues.
After returning to the shuttle from Ginting, Lee won 11-7 in the third game. Lee realized that Ginting was tired of the third gi. Therefore, Indonesia's mid-stream column absorbs many energy-consuming drops.
Many of Lee's scores were obtained from Ginting's inaccurate observations and unpredictable throws from opponents. Until finally, Ginting's shot was too wide, Li won the third game with a score of 21-12.
In other matches, Indonesian mixed doubles Hafiz Faizal / Gloria E. Widjaja defeated Canadian doubles Joshua Herbert. After (Joshua Hurlburt-Yu) / Josephine Wu (Josephine Wu) (21-17, 21-8) made it to the quarter-finals.