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RE: What sports interest you?

That's a pretty good arrangement @patrickulrich! Hive Engine has a pretty good team. I have been looking into them a little.


Yeah they've been great in some aspects and left me hanging in others. I don't know how I'd rate them at this point.

Thank you for the honest feedback. I'm glad H-E has given us options here on Hive... That being said, however, I know what your eluding to.

On my end... I wish they had switched tokens from S-E to H-E automatically... However they didn't do that. So I have paid twice for the tokens I currently am implementing. I think that this should be at least noted on their part...

I hope that H-E values our dedication to their project. Yes. They provide a very important service... But, like you, I can see room for improvement.

Yeah mine isn't really related to the fork. I didn't care for that but they at least covered the payback for the most part so it wasn't the worst that could have happened I guess.

What I have had issue with is their advertising offerings. I paid them 1000 ENG (BEE) to run advertising on the SPORTS site + they were to keep 5% for themselves. They made maybe 2 payments but haven't made a payment in over a year now. Every time I've brought it up its always coming soon. That's one of my biggest goals for SPORTS is finding a new ad partner to replace them.

That's really interesting you know... I find it very revealing how people conduct themselves in business. As a practice it's really important to demonstrate integrity especially on the Hive Blockchain... Here it's all about maintaining good will and you can't do that when your not doing what you say your going to do. Surely that's going to have some sort of social impact. This is a blockchain powered social media platform after all... business practices do matter.

Well... I certainly hope that things improve with this situation and that H-E fixes things soon!

Yeah I think they've done an amazing job fixing their number one issue of being far too centralized. That's even more important to me than my particular issue. I've found alternative options for advertising so its all water under the bridge for me I guess.