Mind - Developing a Movement Practice

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Spontaneous video for the channel.

Utilizing my downtime while i wait for my daughter to finish practice.
Here are some ideas about getting you on your way to safe, quality movement.
Apologies for my English but I will be using this platform not only for sharing but also to grow myself.

Now get out there and move ^_^

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There so much truth in all you are saying...
Many people gonna be like:

  • What walking this is easy..
    Not at all actually!
    If you are able or capable of moving your body from point “A” to point “B” that didn’t necessarily mean you can walk.
    And of course breathing is the key to everything!
    Consciousness breathing in that matter.
    And you are so right about that:
  • Never push your body to the maximum!
    You can easily burn out from that!
    Good tips here ;)

Namaste 🙏

@tipu curate

Thank you brother. Be well.

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