GST - Progression one.

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GST is Gymnastics Strength Training.
The moves shown here are the easiest part of the progression.
I follow a book by Coach Christopher Sommer called - GST - Foundation One.

This video i use as a guide and a checkpoint of my progress and possibly to spark the interest of others to engage in gymnastics strength training. The 1st moves you see are the basics and 2nd is the integrated mobility (you can do as many as 10 reps of the mobility)

Be healthy and enjoy movement.

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The very good exercise you have shown us is this video...
Namaste 🙏

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Good upload. I'm not all familiar with gymnastics, so found this interesting.

What I can share so far is that this gets way easier with time. Probably week 2 was the most difficult and now I breeze through the workout with ease. Gonna see what will happen next week with the new progression variations. Be healthy and if you want to try or have any questions i can assist you.

Good stuff 👍