My kickboxing preparation

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Hey.My ,Name Is Yanis and I want to show you some pictures from my training preparation for one of my kickboxing fights 🥋🥊

This picture is from the start on the preparation. These are some of the best fighters in Bulgaria

This is picture from my sparing days in Varna -Bulgaria

This is the wast week on my preparation.I will show you picture from Senshi Camp with Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt

And this is my team


You're a professional fighter? I like that you're sharing the images of your training. I've got too many issues to take on something so physically challenging. I look forward to more of your posts. How long have you been training? Have you competed?

Sorry for all the questions. I recently got home from nightshift and I'm fading fast. It's about time for nappy.

Thank you for the bog SPORTS stake over the last week. This qualifies you for this big comment upvote since I can't find a recent post.

@scholaris.sports yes,I go to competitions and have medals in Bulgaria and one international tournament.

Wow...... Looks like your punch weighs higher. More strength for the fight bro.

@anicom Thanks bro 🙏🥋🥊

It's my pleasure