More than a month of ECQ

Its been more than a month since the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine here in the Philippines. Nobody knows how long will this crisis be.

Covid19 has killed so many lives and due to our fear if becoming a victim, we are forced to stay at home against our will.

I am a student and the previous semester ended early due to this pandemic. But even so, me and my classmates are in continuous study at home. Our professor gave us home works everyday and submit it at the end of the day.

Supposedly, we are already back in school but the ECQ were extended because the infection continue to spread and number of infected keep on going up. We heard that another extension of the ECQ will be implemented and this time it will a martial.

The government was forced to do this because there are still those who doesn’t follow and observed the lockdown. Lots of people are on the street and lots of them are not wearing PPE.

They say they need to go out for them to live and also to be able to provide the needs of their family. They have the reason but what about those who seriously observe the lockdown and never go out for a living.

My father had been absent for work since the community lockdown was implemented and up to now he still at home and does not report to work. It is because my father has enough to support the family? No its not.

We are not in good shape. We have run out of food supply and yet we are still at home. Father may not be telling us but we felt that he is going so much at this very moment.

Hopefully this crisis will end but still nobody knows when will it end, and if this end, we can’t tell if things will still be the same. Things will be different, I guess.

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