Sports Has Moved to Hive-Engine


Did anybody noticed it?

I was checking for the price of Sports at Steem-Engine the other and could not find it. Maybe it was just due to my internet connection or the Steem-Engine network has a problem. So I ignored it.

Today, I checked again Sports on Steem-Engine and still could not find the token. I'm definitely sure that there is no problem with my internet connection.

I try checking the website to see if there's a post about the disappearance of the Sports Token in Steem-Engine but could not find any. The website seems alright, everything is working and everybody are just doing its thing, posting sports content.

I checked my wallet and notice something that says Hive Engine.

I rush to Hive-Engine website and check the Sports token and there it was.

hive sports.PNG

I was surprised because this transition would not happen because I've read a post from the developer that it's difficult to transfer Steem-Engine Token to Hive-Engine because it will ask for another investment.

Im so glad for this turn of events. Hope that other token will also move to Hive-Engine.