Death Quest-splinterlands quest reward

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every day bring new splinterlands quest , every day new plan in battles some time, tough battle ,some time easy victory in battle ,it is all depend on that how you are using ,placing your monster in the battle, so i feel that quest opportunity give us chance to learn the splinterlands battle rules and then make position strong in splinterlands,
if we play daily quest in splinterlands ,in this way we can get more information about different splinter that belong to from different tribe,
there is not only summoner quest daily, daily you have to use your different summoner and monster that will be from different tribe, so today my quest challenge was related death splinters so today i used only death splinter monster and won 5 battle so in this quest i tried different monster at different places position and i came to know more information about my monsters abilities that will be really useful in future in battles


Today i got TreasureBox and now i will unlock them , to see what is today my quest reward so when i unlocked these 3 TreasureBox i got below reward


i got 7 Dark Energy crystal , and 1 Alchemy potion chargers, and 1 legendary potion chargers ,so not bad reward but i am not satisfy my this reward but hope i will get next day good reward because it is luck , what is in this boxes so today was my above reward so i love to play splintlerlands quest daily and if you still do not know about this game then join this splinterlands and win daily reward

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thank you very much for reading my post


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